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Transform Your Space with Luxury Vinyl Tile in Central Florida

Luxury Vinyl Tile: The Perfect Flooring Choice in Central Florida

Luxury Vinyl Tile for All Spaces

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is the go-to choice for both commercial and residential spaces in Central Florida. You'll find it in hotel rooms, stylish shops, and cozy homes. Thanks to advancements in technology, LVT has become a popular flooring option for homeowners. Its quiet nature makes it ideal for any environment, as it absorbs most of the noise when walked upon.

Water-Resistant and Durable

One of the standout features of LVT is its water resistance. It handles spillages and dampness with ease, without swelling, warping, or rotting. Unlike other flooring types, luxury vinyl doesn't curl or lift in damp conditions, making it a reliable choice for areas prone to moisture.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining luxury vinyl tile is a breeze. You can use a vacuum, brush, wet mop, or standard cleaning products to keep it looking new. Made from virgin PVC material, LVT is 100 percent recyclable, adding to its environmentally friendly appeal. The polyurethane top layer ensures the flooring remains hygienic, while the strong joint locks withstand rolling loads and heavy traffic.

Ideal for Floor Heating

LVT has low heat resistance, making it a perfect match for floor heating systems. The 360° locking system ensures unbeatable installation, with all four sides featuring a unique interlocking profile. This design allows the planks to click together easily on all sides, speeding up the installation process.

Quick and Easy Installation

Luxury vinyl tile offers an installation process that is faster and more fun compared to other flooring options. Each row starts where the last one ended, eliminating the need for the installer to move across the room to start a new row. Installation begins in one corner of a room and continues to the opposite side, allowing multiple installers to work simultaneously. The job is completed quickly and efficiently.

Creative and Flexible

The flexibility of LVT allows for creative floor patterns, mixing several colors for a unique effect. Unlike other floors that require extensive preparation, luxury vinyl tile needs minimal prep work. It can be installed over existing hard flooring, saving time and effort. The planks and click system are designed to make perfect joints without breaking the edges. Simply allow the boards to acclimate to the room for one day, and installation can begin.

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